Privacy Policy

The Safe Mortgages Broker Commitment to Your Privacy

Safe Mortgages, in performing its duties as your mortgage broker is required to collect personal information from you. The collection of this information is important to:

– Evaluate your financial needs.
– Determine which financial and/or insurance products are best suited to meet your needs.
– Complete the applications on your behalf and transmit them to the financial lender you’ve chosen.
– Administer the financial products and services you have purchased and assist you with any difficulties you encounter

Safe Mortgages is very concerned about the personal information its representatives gather and the methods used to solicit the information. Our employees will abide by the following principles:

– Minimize intrusiveness.
– Maximize fairness in our use of the information.
– Protect the privacy and confidentiality of the personal information in our care

Only proper and legitimate means will be employed to collect personal information. Safe Mortgages brokers and agents will collect information that is pertinent to the product selection and completion of the mortgage lenders application. The broker will solicit this information directly from the client by phone, email or regular mail.

Our use of personal information will be consistent with this policy, our contractual obligations with financial providers and the law.

In the routine course of business we maintain a file for every product transaction. The personal information will not be used by the broker or Safe Mortgages for purposes other than the performance of their duties. The Broker and Safe Mortgages will not use the data for any other purpose without the consent of the individual.

Safe Mortgages will use the personal information only in accordance with this policy, discharging our broker contractual obligations, industry code of conduct and the law.

We will endeavor to ensure that personal information collected and used is accurate and timely.
All decisions involving personal information should be based on accurate and timely information. We will do our best to ensure accurate information is transmitted to the mortgage lenders. We rely on the applicants to fully disclose all material information and to inform us of any changes.

Individuals have the right to inquire about their personal information maintained in a file and, if needed, they have the right to request any inaccurate information to be corrected.Personal information will be made available only to authorized persons.

The information we collect is transmitted to the financial providers in a format and a method directed by them. The information file created by Safe Mortgages will be accessible only to the companies employees who require access to the information in the performance of their duties and to those otherwise authorized by law. Personal information will be protected by appropriate safeguards.

Each of Safe Mortgages employees must abide by our commitment to privacy in handling personal information of our clients and that of employees and agents with whom they work. In providing information to the insurance companies and individuals working on our behalf, we will require these organizations to have privacy policies in place and mechanism to enforce the terms of the policy.

Personal Information will only be retained as long as it is needed. The length of time that we retain your personal information will vary depending on the company and the types of products you have chosen. We will only keep your personal information as long as it is required to complete the application process or as required by law.


Questions with respect to this privacy policy or personal information should be directed in writing to:

Head Office:
24 Fenton Way
Brampton, Ontario
L6P 0P5

Satellite Office:
11 Director Court
Suite 201
Woodbridge, Ontario
L4L 4S5

Or by email to: