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Department Of National Defence (DND)

Safe Mortgages has an excellent reputation with the department of national defence. We understand that our troops are commonly sent on training exercises or called on duty overseas to ensure that we, as Canadians, are always protected and can continue to have the luxury of freedom that is guaranteed to us as citizens.

This means that some of our troops may have missed payments on their monthly financial obligations while they were away and understand that this part of the DND lifestyle. We understand how to negotiate with the banks and have them see past these late payments to obtain the most competitive interest rates while ensuring that your long term financial goals and needs are being met.

We have saved many homes from foreclosure and helped many troops obtain their dreams of home ownership. We are also quite familiar with the relocation program, whether it be to Trenton, Toronto, Petawawa or anywhere else in Canada, we know how to get you what you want and get it done on your schedule. Here are some testimonials from recent clients that you may know.

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Private financing

Safe Mortgages is known, in the private financing world, as the company that is connected to the most wealthy of private financiers. We have a network of private financiers that stretches across all of Ontario and have helped many clients that were turned down by other mortgage companies.

We understand that private financing is only for special circumstances and know how to keep it affordable for our clients by using a full monthly cost analysis to ensure that the client can meet their monthly obligations when taking on additional debt. We would never recommend a loan that we would not take ourselves if we were in the clients shoes, staying true to our motto of only doing upon others as we would want done upon ourselves.

We have saved clients from foreclosure, brought property taxes up to speed, dealt with clients that owed personal taxes, provided construction financing for homes and more recently provided $35 million for a condo development. If you require financing and have been turned down everywhere else, give us a try. We know you won’t be disappointed.

Preferable loan sizes are at a max of 80% of the appraised value of the property

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