Our Process

Our Process - Safe Mortgages

Our 12 Step Simple Approval Process

  1. The client touches base with us
  2. We send out a mortgage application
  3. The client sends back in the mortgage application
  4. We set an appointment to meet with the client and request the necessary documents
  5. The client comes in and we go over their long and short term financial goals and needs
  6. We assess the clients goals and needs and find a solution that best suits their overall outlook
  7. The mortgage is approved
  8. In some cases an appraisal may be required and we will assist with this
  9. The client comes in for signing of the mortgage documents and we ensure that we have met their needs
  10. Final approval is obtained from the lender
  11. The client goes to their solicitors office for final signing
  12. The client picks up their keys or their cheque

Please note that during our process, we may ask for feedback so that we can improve on the high level of quality service provided to our current and future customers and enhance the overall experience at the time of your mortgage renewal.

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