Mortgage Tools

Safe Mortgage Mortgage ToolsWe are currently working behind the scenes here at to develop a suite of tools that will handle all of your needs. Until our tools are ready for public release, we have compiled a list of some of the best mortgage tools available on the web for you to get by with.

Mortgage Pre-payment Calculator

Calculates the effects of prepayments on top of your regular mortgage payments. Use this to figure out how much you can save on interest by making pre-payments.

Mortgage Analyzer Calculator

Calculates a payment and balance summary. You are able to review the results in an amortization schedule and see the split of interest and principal of your payments.

Mortgage Variable Isolator Calculator

Isolate the variable of your choice in a mortgage payment and we calculate the variable chosen. Use when trying to figure out the rate of interest or other variables of your mortgage.

Maximum Mortgage Calculator

Calculate the maximum mortgage amount that you qualify for based on the income you state. Use to show difference if you pay off your debts in your loan.

Rent V.S Buy Calculator

Determine which is more economical for you, renting or buying, based on factors such as payments and accommodation information. Gives full explanation as to why one is better for you than the other.

Land Transfer Tax Calculator

This tool not only calculates the land transfer tax in Ontario but will also calculate the land transfer tax for Toronto specifically. Has function to calculate tax for first time home buyers in Toronto

Total Debt Service (TDS) Calculator

The Total Debt Service (TDS) ratio calculator measures your percentage of gross annual income required to cover your annual payments associated with housing and all other debt obligations you may have, such as payments on car loans, credit cards, personal loans, etc.

Mortgage Comparison Calculator

When lenders offer attractive uninsured mortgage options, these offers may actually end up costing you more over time. Use this calculator to find out which will save you more money.

Refinancing Calculator

If you’re thinking whether you should refinance your mortgage or not, you can use this tool to help make your decision easier and you can see how much you’ll save with your choice.

Affordable Housing Project Viability Assessment Calculator

A tool that helps clients assess their proposed affordable housing projects and determine the financial requirements to help ensure their viability. The assessment model allows potential project sponsors to run different financial scenarios. These scenarios are run by providing information regarding the proposed project, such as financing, sources of equity and costs.