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About Us

While this mortgage company I launched may be new, I am not new to the mortgage business. In fact, I have licenses in numerous provinces. I also have spent the last six years working my way up from being under one of the top brokers in the industry, to launching the Canadian mortgage sector for Canada’s largest producer of online insurance (Kanetix), to being the Vice President of a Canada wide mortgage company (Mortgages Canada). The reason I chose to branch out on my own is because I wanted to spend more one on one time with my clients and build long lasting relationships with loyal clients rather than just closing mortgages and moving on to the next one. I believe that all of my experiences combined brought me to this point in life where I have an opportunity to better my clients lives and produce the results that they deserve.

My journey began after I packed a grueling 2 year program into a 1 year period at Seneca College. They are the only school in all of Ontario that is registered to provide the program to become a mortgage broker. Once I graduated in the top portion of my class, the job offers came rolling in from the banks and the mortgage companies.

After researching many companies and many opportunities, I decided to align myself with The Mortgage Centre and The Mortgage Professionals Inc. This brought years of experience to my disposal and gave me an opportunity to learn the ropes through the eyes of professionals who knew how to position mortgages to achieve the best results for my clients.

As time continued and I gained quite a bit of knowledge in the field I felt the urge to share my knowledge with the general public and to make them aware of the truths and the realities in the mortgage market. I wanted people to feel the way my clients feel when they get their mortgage through me, even if they choose not to get it through me. I want to give the feeling of security and I plan to give it through knowledge.

Out of this goal came Once up and running I gained attention through innovation in the mortgage business and caught the eyes of Canadian Mortgage Professional Magazine, who wrote an article on me in their July 2009 issue and more recently a feature article about myself. As I moved to the forefront of the mortgage game I was contacted by a company called Kanetix for an job opportunity. Through negotiations and quite a bit of back and forth, I was hired on as Principal Mortgage Broker for KTX Financial, a part of the Kanetix group of companies, to lead the way for their mortgage department in Canada.

After spending a year and a half at the company and obtaining licensing in 3 other provinces, I was on the radar for two financiers looking to make large waves in the Canadian mortgage market. They required a man of know how and integrity to oversee the direction of their company and help grow it to the business that they know it can be. This lead to my position as Vice President for Mortgages Canada. This position provided me with the opportunity to get insight into the Canadian mortgage market like never before and continue to share that insight with the followers of After spending a year and a half as Vice President of Mortgages Canada, I had decided that I can make a larger impact on my community by taking out the corporation and creating a company that was based on my own fundamentals. This lead me to start my own company as Safe Money Mortgages & Financial Products and am proud to announce that things have never been better for my clients. This has given me the opportunity to give back to my community, with no restrictions, as well as service my clients on a more personal level.

Toronto Mortgage is now servicing clients all across Canada through the many relationships that we hold. Toronto mortgage’s goal is to help Canadians achieve their dreams of homeownership without a biast opinion. You may ask how do we plan on accomplishing that? We plan to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the pack by putting our clients on a pedestal and putting them before the money we make. I’ve learned a lot in this industry and the main thing that I’ve noticed over the years is to service your cients and the rest will follow.

The majority of the public is unaware of available discounted rates, unaware of their true purchasing power, and misinformed of the services a mortgage broker can offer, let us show you the way.

As a professional accredited Mortgage Broker I offer free consultations and invaluable service to open a world of possibilities to meet your needs today and in the years to come.

Paul Sidhu


*FSCO License #: M08004572

Registered member of **CAAMP

Brokerage License Number: 12219

Phone: 416.890.5228

Fax: 888.650.5884

*Financial Services Commission of Ontario

**Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals